"Hey! Ho! BHO! Keep your hands off my kids' dough!"

At the San Francisco tea party, there's a lot of support for Ron Paul and Ayn Rand, but not much for President Obama or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Published April 15, 2009 8:10PM (EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO -- So far, the protest here continues to be a feast for both the mind and senses. Some of the newer chants include "Out with Nancy!" -- a reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose district is here -- as well as the catchy couplet "Hey! Ho! BHO! Keep your hands off my kids' dough!"

Meanwhile, a series of speakers have been taking to the stage, armed with Ayn Rand quotes. One blonde-dreaded libertarian made the warmly received prediction that the U.S. is slowly becoming a police state, while another speaker declared that country needs to "reload" with ideas; his poster, which had the image of a gun on it, read, "Reload for the revolution." Shawn Steel, who led the recall effort against former California Gov. Gray Davis, praised the large contingent of Ron Paul supporters that came out for the protest.

Also notable -- there is a lot of anger about Wall Street in the air. A man who ranted about CEOs and a woman who has been organizing a boycott of Chase both received big applause from the crowd.

UPDATE: Bad megaphone plus reporter ignorance and no Google turned Shawn Steel into Sean Fields for a couple of hours.  I apologize. --JW

By Joan Walsh

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