A feminist's first 100 days

How has the president performed on women's rights?

Published April 28, 2009 1:50PM (EDT)

As Obama edges toward his first 100 days, Ms. magazine has jumped into the conversation about what he has achieved so far. And while I try to refrain from Obama mania, and I firmly believe the left needs to monitor the Obama administration just as critically as we did his global-gag-ruling predecessor, I am happy to confess that the Ms. report had me humming a few bars of "Hail to the Chief." The report lists 14 ways in which Obama has moved the country toward the full support of women's rights, and while we've reported on several of them before now, it's worth running down a few highlights:

Jan. 29: Signed Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, restoring women’s ability to sue for pay discrimination

March 9: Lifted restrictions on stem cell research

March 11: Established the White House Council on Women and Girls

March 11: Restarted U.S. contributions to the United Nations Population Fund, reinstating low-cost birth control availability at college health centers and at some 400 clinics serving low-income women.

You can read the rest here. As Ms. publisher Eleanor Smeal says: "I have been working for women's rights in Washington since the Carter days and I have never seen anything like these first 100 days."


By Abigail Kramer

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