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A wee bit of sexual hysteria at a press conference on the dangers of the Internet for children and teens.

By Sarah Hepola
Published May 14, 2009 4:42PM (EDT)

On Wednesday, members of Congress held a press conference to talk about new legislation warning kids about the dangers of the Internet and "sexting." If you suspect that such an event might contain a bit of sexual hysteria and hand-wringing, then you are already a winner. Here's a choice snippet from the Politico report on the event that simply must be shared:

Also at Wednesday’s news conference was Kayla Barclay, who was Miss Utah 2008. She said she’s seen “many cases” in which “children, innocent children, have been abused and have been hurt” via the Internet.

Barclay recalled an early experience in her life, when she tried to log on to her Hotmail e-mail account but accidentally typed “hotmale” instead. She said that the explicit photo that appeared on her screen sent her screaming away from the computer.

"A picture of a naked man showed up on screen and, at that time, I was so appalled and I ran downstairs in tears to my mother thinking I was going to be in trouble,” she said. “I did not go onto the Internet for six months after that."



Sarah Hepola

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