Men ticketed for speeding in bed

An Australian ad about premature ejaculation shames men and sparks controversy down under.

Published May 27, 2009 9:30PM (EDT)

Australia has been scandalized by yet another commercial that cheekily targets the down under's  ... down unders. First there was Kotex's infamous ad featuring a cute, cuddly and tampon-hoarding beaver, which apparently offended some women. Now, men have been granted equal opportunity for offense thanks to a spot about premature ejaculation.

We're shown a couple getting hot and heavy in bed, the lights dim -- and the woman suddenly screams in a delightful Aussie accent: "Oh no, not before me!" There are sirens and the "bedroom police" arrive to cite the man for speeding, "Excuse me sir, do you realize how fast you were going in this bed?" One minute 30 seconds? Oh no! The speeder gets off with a warning, provided he see the doctors at the Advanced Medical Institute about his premature ejaculation problem.

After sparking dozens of complaints, the country's Advertising Standards Bureau determined that "the advertisement clearly had the potential to impact on men's self-esteem and cause shame, embarrassment and undue distress." The board also decided that the spot "suggested a serious men's health issue was akin to a criminal offense, while the apparent frustration shown by the woman was suggestive of intolerance towards men suffering from premature ejaculation," according to the Sydney Morning Herald. So, the ad has been forced off the air.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the advertising police, but I'd sure take a happy beaver over the belittling bedroom police any day. Maybe the folks at AMI should take a note from Kotex and go with a euphemistic spokes-animal. Perhaps a sea cucumber


By Tracy Clark-Flory

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