The lying liars who tweet

Twitter hosts a battle over which sex is more dishonest.

Published May 28, 2009 9:31PM (EDT)

Twitter has become the new host of the enduring Battle of the Sexes -- or Sexist Put-downs. In one corner, we have the hashtag "#liesboystell," and, in the other, we have "#liesgirlstell." Tweeters have delivered more than 2,000 140-character verbal punches to the opposite sex and, ouch, both sides are bloodied.

The list of girls' untruths is riddled with Maury Povich-esque scandal ("it's ur baby," "I'm pregnant," "He's just my friend") and excuses to get out of sex ("not tonight, I've got a headache," of course). Ladies also lie to build up men's egos -- only to later tear them down on Twitter for all the world to see! For example: "It's a PERFECT size," "Of course you're the best I've ever had" and "Size doesn't matter!" Guys' lies are also almost singularly related to sex: "My dick is huge," "I did not sleep with your cousin," "I'm allergic to condoms" and "That baby don't look like me," for starters. But, by my estimation, the most popular lie on the list is, "I love you." There you have it: Women are asexual and, paradoxically, chronic cheaters, while men are cheating, sex-addicted and heartless.

Sigh. I'm afraid the lesson to be learned here isn't about the lies boys and girls actually tell, but rather the luggage cart of hurt and resentment that some of us carry around. I suggest a new hashtag: #lieswetellabouttheoppositesex. Somehow, I don't see that making it into Twitter's top 10 topics.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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