Stay classy, "Fox & Friends"

The show's hosts are outraged by "Bruno" stunt but sure love their lingerie football.

By Sarah Hepola
June 9, 2009 5:10PM (UTC)
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Leave it to Jon Stewart to (once more, with feeling) level another poison dart at the hypocrisy and double standards free-floating in our media landscape. Last night's target: "Fox & Friends," where our passionate hosts recently got the vapors over the infamous MTV Movie Award stunt which left Eminem straddled by "Bruno" star Sacha Baron Cohen and his thinly veiled manmeat. 

"Why do we have to go to the nth degree on these shows? Is it because the ratings are so bad for MTV right now?" asks a concerned-for-your-children Gretchen Carlson, perhaps longing for those highfalutin, classy days of MTV when Howard Stern appeared at award shows as Fart Man and blew flames out of his ass.


But the "Fox & Friends" crew soon recovered from their shock, outrage and various other synonyms. As "The Daily Show" clip posted below illustrates, the morning crew was more than happy to participate in a deeply newsworthy lingerie football pile-on, which Gretchen Carlson ecstatically calls "the best thing I've ever seen on television."

As Stewart quips: "I guess it's OK since it's a woman having an ass shoved in her face, the way God intended." (via Gawker)

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