James W. Von Brunn's anti-Semitic screed

The alleged Holocaust Museum shooter published a book called "Kill the Best Gentiles." Read selections here.

Published June 10, 2009 8:11PM (EDT)

James W. Von Brunn, the man who allegedly charged into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and opened fire on Wednesday, was a brooding anti-Semite. If the title of his 2002 book, "Kill the Best Gentiles," isn't evidence enough, the table of contents is a roadmap of delusion. Chapters include "The Conspiracy," "Khazars Invent Judaism," "The Illuminati," "Money," "Spirochetes of Jew Syphilis," "The 'Holocaust' Hoax," "Mendelism," "The Negro," "The Aryan Force," "Parasitism USA," "Pathology and Synthesis," "Summing Up." The book is available for download through this anti-Semitic Web site and published by Holy Western Empire (HWE) LLC.

Here is the text of the preface:

The purpose of this book is to present to WHITE YOUTH factual information conventionally suppressed or distorted by the mass media, and denied them by schools and universities -- which are forced to promulgate the Marxist line or lose their government subsidies. Appearing throughout the text are quotes from world authorities whose credentials appear in the bibliography. Upon reading TOB SHEBBE GOYIM HAROG! (KILL THE BEST GENTILES!) you will understand that "despite loud protests of denia" an age old CONSPIRACY does exist to destroy Western Civilization. At this moment we are engaged in a deadly war with the HISTORIC ENEMY to determine whether or not our Nation will endure. We are losing that war because an Iron Curtain of censorship has descended over the landscape abrogating the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Without Freedom of Speech our system of government cannot function. The hour is late. You and your family are in grave danger. We will present the FACTS then discuss what actions must be taken.

The title page of the book and selections from the chapter entitled the "The 'Holocaust' Hoax" follow.

By Mark Benjamin

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