Von Brunn's letter to Jim Webb

While in prison, alleged Holocaust Museum shooter sent Webb a long anti-Semitic missive seeking help with a pardon

By Salon Staff
June 11, 2009 2:53AM (UTC)
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James von Brunn, alleged Holocaust Museum shooter, served time in federal prison after attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. in 1981 -- in his words, "attempting to place the treasonous Federal Reserve Board under ... arrest." While incarcerated he sent the following letter to Jim Webb, who was then secretary of the navy and is now the senior senator from Virginia, requesting his assistance in securing a pardon.

In the first sentence of his letter, reprinted below, von Brunn refers to Rear Adm. John Crommelin, who was assisting him. According to a New York Times obituary, Crommelin served in the Pacific in World War II, but was essentially drummed out of the Navy after he took policy critiques public. In 1960, he was the vice presidential nominee of a white supremacist party, and in his post-military life he was an active segregationist and an anti-Semite.


Writing on his Web site about the letter years after he sent it, Von Brunn said, "The above letter, written in prison under duress, was certified, registered and posted to Adm. James Webb. The letter then was purloined from the mail, never reaching its intended destination. The Postmaster General apologized (lied) to me in a written statement."


Honorable James Henry Webb. Jr,
U.S. Secretary of the Navy
The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20500
James W. von Brunn Federal Prisoner #07128-016
P.O.Box 904-H
FCI Ray Brook, N.Y. 12977
Dear Mr. Secretary:


Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin, U.S.N.(Ret.) suggested that I write to you and request your assistance. I am a political prisoner incarcerated in a Federal Prison resulting from my actions against those whom I believe threaten our Nation's security.

Admiral Crommelin submitted a Plea for a Presidential Pardon for me to our President, Honorable Ronald Reagan, on 28 February 1985. The Plea was handled in a very helpful and courteous manner by Mr. David B. Waller. Senior Associate Counsel to the President, as indicated in Enclosure "A". Upon receipt of Mr. Waller's letter I filed a personal Plea for a Presidential Pardon, as directed, to Mr. David Stephenson, Presidential Pardon Attorney, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Several weeks later Mr. Stephenson held a meeting with my sister, and her attorney. Stephenson told them he would 'not submit my written Plea to the President (Please see Enclosure "B") but that he would recommend that my sentence be commuted because: my sentence was too severe for the crime committed; this was my first offense; my age -now, 67.5 years. I have no written evidence of these, Mr. Stephenson's,statements. My court appointed attorney, John Hogrogian, told me I should take no further legal action while the Pardon Attorney processed my Plea.


On or about 20 December 1987, in a letter to the Warden, FCI Ray Brook, Mr. Stephenson reversed his opinion stating that "no favorable action" is warranted in my case. Admiral Crommelin's several attempts to ascertain the disposition of his Plea in my behalf have been ignored by Mr. Stephenson.

Mr. Secretary, after reading this brief you may deduce that the personages behind the scenes who manipulated my trial and extended the length of my incarceration may also have influenced Mr. Stephenson.


I respectfully request, based upon the following facts, that you use your influence to get some action on Admiral Crommelin's well documented Plea for Pardon in my behalf, and upon my personal Plea for Pardon, which the Pardon Attorney, according to his own words, never intended to submit to the President:

I served as PT-Boat skipper, and executive officer during WWII in the Mediterranean, and Pacific Theaters. I received a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. When I took the Navy Officer's Oath I pledged my heart to every word of it -- and of course I still do. I am under the impression that the most formidable enemy of these United States, and of Western Culture, is Marxist-Communism. American tax-payers have spent billions of Federal Reserve Notes fighting a prolonged "cold war" with the Soviet Union, and we've spilled buckets of blood fighting "no-win wars" against Marxists in almost every part of the globe. Yet, within our own gates, protected by the very Constitution they seek to destroy, Marxists have been permitted to capture the machinery of our government. No doubt a conspiracy exists to create One World Marxist Government at the sacrifice of America's sovereignty. Just as certain, One World ideologists of all stripes are financed by the International Banking Cabal, in which the Federal Reserve System (FED) plays a major role. It is no secret that U.S. Bankers financed Soviet military build-up. That, during the "police operation" in Viet Nam, Soviet truck production doubled resultant of U.S. financing and technological assistance. Those trucks were delivered to N.Viet,Nam aboard ships, on the Haiphong run, built by America and our allies. Why are dominant men in positions.of great power in America willing to sacrifice America's treasure and lives to advance the spread of Marxism throughout the world? One reason was given by Rheinhold Niebuhr: ".... Marxism is the modern fulfillment of Jewish prophecy." James Warburgh, son of the principal architect of the Federal Reserve Act, stated before the U..S. Senate: "We shall have One World Government whether we like it or not. The question is, shall we have One World Government by consent or by conquest?"(1953).

7 December 1981, 1 hoped to reveal to the American People certain Facts regarding the World Marxist Conspiracy that are suppressed by the mass-media. I attempted to place the FED Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizen's arrest -- supported by D.C. statutes, and by Misprision of Felony statute under U.S. Treason and Sedition Law. I charge the FED with Treason, operation of a Fraudulent Enterprise, and un-Constitutional Private Corporate Operations. I intended to hold the Board prisoners in the Board Room, demand that their fellow conspirators at CBS provide national TV-hookup; then, over TV to figuratively hand over the felons to the American people with an explanation of my charges against the FED . I then intended to hand over the prisoners, unharmed, to the President of the United States. I expected to stand trial in a U.S. Federal District Court, and prove the FED's culpability to a jury of my peers. I expected the jury to find the FED guilty and my citizens arrest of the felons upheld by statute. Thus, We the People would issue a mandate to the Congress of the United States to bring proceeding against the FED, a privately held corporation, under Federal Tort Law.


I failed to achieve my objectives at the FED Building. There was no violence. I voluntarily surrendered my unloaded weapons to the guard, a former U.S. Marine. I carried no ammo or explosives (all of these facts either omitted or distorted in the official record).

My bail/bond was set at $3,000.($300. cash). I was released upon my own recognizance by Judge Hess. Later I was indicted for Attempted Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, Assault with, and possession of, Illegal Weapons. 14 months later, after the timely aspects of my actions were permitted to fade out, I was tried, convicted and sentenced for all counts. The government had offered to drop all charges if I would plead guilty to the weapons charges. I refused the Plea Bargain relying on a fair trial.

I was denied a fair trial for the following reasons:


1) The government tried me in Superior Court, Washington,D.C. which does not have the standing to try Constitutional issues. Thus, I could not pursue the issue of the FED's unconstitutionality -- an important element in my defense. My request for change of venue was denied. The case should have been tried in Federal District Court. I am now a D.C. prisoner "warehoused" in a Federal Prison and under jurisdiction of the Federal Parole Commission which recently re-tried and re-sentenced me.

2) There was no media coverage.of my trial. I personally visited D.C. newspaper editors and wrote major networks inviting coverage one recalls the favorable publicity afforded Daniel Ellsberg's "Pentagon Papers Trial." Those who orchestrated his publicity were the same media-masters that suppressed my attempt to expose the Marxist Conspiracy within our Nation.

3) At my arrest, on my person, was an 11-page Outline (Gov't. Exh.14) (Please see Enclosure "C") from which I intended to extemporize on TV. Exhibit 14 implicates Jews/Zionists in the One World Marxists plot. The Outline also shows that Negroes are being used as dupes by the Marxists to destroy our Western Culture. The manipulators, to assure my conviction, simply appointed court officers who would be racially prejudiced against me because of the contents of Exhibit 14.

Court Officers and Jury -. appointed as follows:


Judge, Harriet Rosen Taylor, JEW; Prosecuting Attorney, Elliot Warren, JEW (Warren, later strategically replaced by Ron Dixon, Negro), remained in court throughout the trial as acting consultant to Dixon); Prosecuting Attorney, Ron Dixon, Negro; Probation Officer, Marvin Davids, JEW (Rabbi); Recorder & Bailiff, Negroes. 53 potential jurors attended voir dire, six were white. Dixon, using his peremptory challenges, dismissed all but one white woman juror seating 11 Negro jurors, and 3 Negro Alternates, Court Appointed Defense Attorney, Elizabeth Kent, JEW, was dismissed by me when she did no work on the case for several months. Her court-appointed replacement, Gerard Lewis proved to be a Trojan Horse. I would have had a fairer trial in Iowa!

4) ineffective Assistance of Counsel (at trial and at Appeal). Lewis disclosed to me at trial that he didn't have the "heart to defend" my political or racial beliefs, nor to resist the racist attacks by prosecution because he, Lewis, was part JEW, and a card carrying member of the NAACP.

Government Exhibit 14, was central to the government's effort to rebut Appellant's defense ... given the meagerness of attention paid in the document to policies of the Federal Reserve Board -- less than one page -- as compared to the views concerning Blacks, Jews, Zionists -- 10-pages -- the prosecution was clearly entitled to question Appellant's true motives in undertaking his actions ... while the contents of the document were controversial and undoubtedly offensive to some, that fact alone cannot shield defense from being confronted with it during cross-examination..."

(Appelle Brief, Gov't #84-1641. Criminal # F 7199-81).


My objection was not that prosecution used Exh. 14, but the manner in which it was used. 'First, a biased Negro jury was selected, and a Jew Judge. Then statements from the Exhibit were used out of context to inflame the court. I was not permitted to read the entire Outline, to place the prosecution's remarks in perspective, and to show that the quotations within the Outline were by prominent competent, and in many cases revered men.

Prosecution reasons that because I devoted only one page to the FED that my real motives were to take hostages and "air my racist views." This specious reasoning would contend that the superstructure of a skyscraper -- because it contains more cubic feet -- is more important that its foundation. Prosecution also seems to imply that one cannot be an alleged racist and at the same time seek to arrest felons -- that the two ideas are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, the Court of Appeals, a mixed racial bag, entirely supported the prosecution's arguments and procedures.

What I endeavored to present in outline form, of course, was that a long period of Jewish History developed into Marxist-Communism, financed by International Usurocrats, abetted by the mass-media (largely in Jew hands) and other support groups.

6) I was denied the constitutional right to subpoena (among others) Mssrs. Paul Volcker, and Zibigniew Brzezinsky, neither of whom bears immunity from subpoena, both of whom are privately employed in anti-National activities.


7) During trial the government admitted it had in its possession documents relating to my case from the office of Elizabeth Kent, my original (and initial) Defense Attorney. Prosecution had also received other documents during trial from outside source which the Judge refused to admit as evidence but which were made part of my case records.

8) Dr. Elgin Groseclose, monetary expert, who had testified in that capacity before Congress several times, appeared as Expert Witness for the Defense. He testified (I paraphrase) that: the FED is privately owned, subject to U.S. Tort Laws; acts independently of the 3 Branches of our Government; the FED Note is worthless as a storage of value -- is conceived out of thin air; the FED deliberately creates boom-bust periods to the detriment of the American people; that VIOLENCE may be required to unseat the FED because its enormous power controls Congress. No wonder the mass-media was not allowed to attend the trial! Dr. Groseclose's testimony is virtually omitted in the Appellant's Brief except to say that Groseclose blamed the FED for inflation.

I was refused presentence bond and directly from court was clapped into D.C.jail. D.C. Statutes require Presentence Investigation (PSI) reports to be presented to defendant at least 10 days prior to sentencing. My PSI report was presented to me in a holding cell 5-10 minutes prior to sentencing. Lewis urged me to sign my approval because the rabbi had recommended that I be given probation. This carrot, to gain my signature, succeeded. Much later I discovered the errors, distortions and omissions contained in the PSI, e.g., the facts that there was no violence, and no ammo or explosives at the scene was unreported.

I was shipped to Springfield Federal Hospital to determine the state of my mental health. After 3.5 months the psychiatrists declared me "sane without even a paranoid personality." However, predicated upon tests (answered in pencil) Springfield stated that I had a low I.Q. To refute that statement I insisted on supervised tests, the results enabled me to join MENSA whose requirements for membership start at 132 I.Q. The Springfield report attesting to my good mental health does not appear in Prison records.

Benjamin Baer, Jew, Chairman, National Parole Commission, Chevy Chase, MD. ignores the Springfield report. He insists in his many memos that I require "mental health care -- and after care." In Baer's paranoid world anyone questioning Jew/Marxist motives is -- perforce -- insane.

Being warehoused in a prison 700 miles from D.C. effectively prevented me from meeting with my court-appointed attorney, John Hogrogian. He had no office phone! So I was unable to assist him prepare my Appeal. The Appeal Schedule was so arranged that I did not receive a copy of the brief until after the original had been filed. I didn't receive trial transcripts until many months after my Appeal had been denied by a racially slanted Court of Appeals. Among other mistakes Hogrogian failed to present a jury list. The racially biased Court of Appeals used that excuse to NOT rule on my motion that the trial court was prejudiced, that I did not have a jury of my peers. Shortly after the hearing Hogrogian was rewarded with a position as attorney for the city of New York ("Greatest Jewish city in the world" -- Harry Golden).

Judge Taylor sentenced me to 3 years 8 months to 11 years. If qualified I was eligible for parole at the lesser figure. I was qualified. However, Benjamin Baer and his Regional Parole Board officer, Shelley Wittgenstein, Jew, re-indicted me, in effect, for an additional crime: "committing a serious crime against the security of the nation." Baer also stated in a memo that I advocated the elimination of a "certain race." A distortion of my statement (Exh.14) that Negroes and Jews should be deported to their homelands. A sentiment expressed by Lincoln, Jefferson, et al, and by contemporary Jew/Negroes. Baer and company then retried, judged, and resentenced me to serve a total of 8 years 4 months. This implies a 25-year sentence (1/3rd of 25).

Benjamin Baer is largely responsible for expansion of Federal Prison Bureaucracy. He produces incredibly long sentences by taking cons out of their guidelines. Many young convicts, as a result, are returned to society as middle-aged men, families gone, with no job potential. They become instant recidivists suitable only for employment in Federal Prison System's UNICOR, a growing business. Viet Nam vets are considered threats to society in direct proportion to their military experience -- the more battle stars, the more medals for valor -- the stiffer the re-sentences handed out by Baer. He has no sense of honor. Certainly, a more flexible commutation policy for the vast majority of Nam vets is in order. Their patriotism has been stretched to the breaking point. Allow them to win one war -- against Baer.

Mr. Secretary, my efforts were directed not against our Nation, but against those who would destroy our Nation. I believe my actions at the FED were supported by statute. While you may or may not subscribe to my philosophy, or condone my actions, I know that you support an American citizen's right to a fair, speedy and public trial. You are justified, then, in using your righteous influence to reveal the immense and arrogant control Marxists now exert over D.C. jurisprudence, and over the Federal Prison System -- not unlike the Federal Reserve System's power over America's monetary system.

Therefore, I respectfully request that you do whatever is feasible to help place before the President of the United States the two aforementioned Pleas: Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin's Plea for Pardon in my behalf; and my personal Plea for Presidential Pardon.

Thank you, sir.

James W. von Brunn

Encls :
"A" White House letter<
"B" Von Brunn Plea for Pardon
"C" Gov't Exhibit 14 (written prior to Appeal)
c c : Rear Admiral
John G. Crommelin,

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