What would we buy without lady friends?

Sarah Haskins' new satire lampoons commercials filled with women sharing their sisterly trade secrets.

By Sarah Hepola

Published June 15, 2009 12:16PM (EDT)

There was a time when every satire from Current TV's Sarah Haskins found a quick and happy home on Broadsheet. We posted her "Target: Women" videos lampooning the dumbassery of women's marketing so often, with such predictable, cooing fangirl fervor that we backed off entirely, and I for one, think that's a damn shame. So I'm reverting back to our old ways by posting her latest video about "Lady Friends" -- you know, those good-looking, high-spirited gals with whom you share all your secrets about cooking, shampoo and the complications of birth control while waiting on bottle service at high-end night clubs? Here, I'll let Sarah explain: 

Oh, this video brings back fond memories of Faberge shampoo's "And they told two friends..." commercial. Remember this one? Gosh, imagine how many women would have had soft, luxurious Faberge hair in the 80s if they'd only known how to tweet.

Anyway, Haskins is also interviewed for this month's Mother Jones, in which she talks about her ironic use of the word "ladies," the marketing of Sarah Palin and why Maureen Dowd drives her nuts.  And Jezebel points out some good news: Amy Poehler has been tapped to star in the movie Haskins co-scripted, "Lunch Lady" -- now that's a serious comedy sandwich. You know what? I'm telling all my well-heeled girlfriends about this, stat!


Sarah Hepola

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