O'Reilly's winning strategy: Spin, spin, spin!

The Fox host rolls out a heavily edited remix of his debate with Salon's Joan Walsh

Published June 16, 2009 6:01PM (EDT)

Salon's editor in chief Joan Walsh went on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Friday to confront the man who continues to campaign against the late Dr. George Tiller. Gawker declared her appearance a tutorial on "how to crush Bill O'Reilly" -- but Fox knows that's nothing a little editing can't fix!

On Monday's "Factor," Fox aired a creatively edited recap, which showed O'Reilly doggedly grilling Walsh about whether late-term fetuses deserve any rights. Left on the cutting-room floor was all evidence of O'Reilly's fist-shaking, red-faced tantrum. After the clip rolled, O'Reilly added for emphasis that the debate focused on "casual executions of late-term viable fetuses" and "destroying human life for trivial reasons" -- which is not at all the case.

Well, sir, two can play at that game. Open Salon has kicked off a contest to see who can create the best O'Reilly remix video. I'm sure Fox won't mind: It is the fair and balanced thing to do, after all. Click here for instructions on how to play, and check out O'Reilly's cut below.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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