Reaction to Sanford's trip to Buenos Aires

Here's what people are saying about the South Carolina governor's odd disappearance for seven days

By Vincent Rossmeier

Published June 24, 2009 1:44PM (EDT)

Gov. Mark Sanford appeared in Atlanta this morning -- after a trip to South America. His staff had told reporters he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Here's a roundup of the reaction to Sanford's bizarre hiatus.

  • Salon's Mike Madden tweets: "Ok, I don't know much about hiking, but I do know Buenos Aires. And I'm pretty sure it's not in Appalachia."
  • Time's Karen Tumulty asks whether Sanford's staff should invest in a dog collar.
  • At Politico, Mike Allen writes that Sanford "is now not only the butt of jokes but has serious questions to answer about his stewardship of his state’s safety."
  • Talking Point Memo's Josh Marshall points out that after this morning's press conference, Sanford was whisked away by an aide.
  • Daily Kos' KagroX on Twitter: "Maybe it was Naked Lying Day in Argentina."
  • Steve Benen at Political Animal wonders, "Any chance state lawmakers, who don't care for Sanford anyway, may hold hearings and/or consider impeachment?
  • CNN reports that Sanford was in Buenos Aires because he "wanted to do something exotic." He said he took a long drive along the coast.
  • ABC's The Note blog questions whether Sanford misled his family about his whereabouts.

Vincent Rossmeier

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