Iran frees journalist after 18 days in prison

The reporter says he was mainly treated well, but was slapped during one interrogation

By Alex Koppelman
July 11, 2009 12:45AM (UTC)
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Iason Athanasiadis, a British-Greek journalist who was detained in Iran for 18 days, is back in Athens and describing his experiences in prison. "There were people sitting in rows on the floor; ... there were others being interrogated at little desks in the corridor because the interrogation rooms were full," he told the Associated Press.

"I heard questions and shouts coming from the interrogation rooms and the occasional slap."


A freelancer working for the Washington Times, Athanasiadis says he was kept, alone, in a small cell that was continually lit, and was interrogated about a dozen times, most while blindfolded. He was generally treated well, he told the AP, but was slapped during one of the interrogations.

Earlier this month,  while Athanasiadis was imprisoned, Salon published a piece about him by Sandy Tolan, a friend and colleague of his. You can read it here.

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