"Britney 2.0": Mischa Barton on psych hold

Celebrity bloggers couldn't be more excited to see another starlet involuntarily hospitalized

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Published July 17, 2009 5:01PM (EDT)

It's like 2008 all over again: A troubled starlet has reportedly been placed on a psychiatric hold at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a very public downward spiral, and the tabloids are overjoyed. This time around it's former "OC" actress Mischa Barton, who made headlines recently for partying hard and gaining weight (after making headlines for losing too much weight). Radar has provided a whole slideshow of "shocking photos of Mischa Barton -- one day before her meltdown!" The "shocking photos" are of the actress wearing a bikini and showing off  a pretty healthy-looking body, if you ask me. They have also created a photo album titled, "Mischa Barton: Road to Ruin." 

Of course, Perez Hilton couldn't be more excited about this latest Hollywood meltdown; it's his bread and butter. This morning, he went up with a post declaring: "An Out-Of-Control Mushy Reeks Havoc!!!!" Mushy, get it? Because she's no longer alarmingly thin. Last night, he feverishly blogged: "5150 Alert! Mischa Barton (Britney 2.0) Held Under Psychiatric Observation!!!!" He went on to earnestly -- he swears! -- wish her the very best, a sentiment not-so-subtly undermined by the signature doodle he added to her photo: a suggestive white substance -- you can make your own guess as to what it is -- dripping from her mouth.

It seems some folks have been anxiously awaiting the next starlet psych hold as though it were the next generation iPhone.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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