MoveOn's new target: Palin

The liberal advocacy group releases an ad in attacking the former governor for her stance on energy

By Alex Koppelman
July 28, 2009 1:20AM (UTC)
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One thing that's contributed to's success over the years, especially compared to the copycat groups that have popped up on the right in its wake, is the organization's media-savvy. It's demonstrating that again this week, with a new ad timed to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's official departure from office.

The spot, which will run on national cable -- generally a sign that it's aimed more at influencing the media more than anyone else -- goes after Palin and her stance on energy and the environment, something she's strongly hinted she'll focus on now that she's no longer governor.


"Now that Palin has more free time, she has a new pet project: Standing in the way of millions of new American green jobs," the ad's narrator says. "Tell Congress -- don't side with Sarah Palin."

Alex Koppelman

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