Notes from a California meltdown, Mt. Tam edition

Most state parks survived the budget crisis. But at least one bike ride is emerging with collateral damage

Published July 30, 2009 11:08PM (EDT)

In June I noted that road bikers were freaking out at the prospect that California's budget crisis would lead to the shutdown of state parks where some of the best cycling in the state could be found.

The deal, as currently realized, did not result in the closing of all of California's state parks, but there has been some collateral damage. One of the most popular, and beautiful Northern California century rides, the Marin Century (which actually includes six different rides, ranging from 50K to a Double century) sent out the following message to participants today:

Due to California budget issues, we have been unable to secure a permit to access Mt. Tamalpais State Park on August 1st. So, instead of offering all 6 course options this year, we find we must briefly reroute/divert the Mt Tam Double Century course, and transfer all riders of the Mt Tam Century to either the 200K Double Metric Course, or the Marin Century (Traditional) course.

A small price to pay for fiscal solvency, perhaps, but the descent from Mt. Tam to the Pacific Ocean is a glorious thing to do on a bicycle, and it won't happen for Marin Century riders this weekend. As always, I blame Proposition 13. Curse you, Howard Jarvis!

By Andrew Leonard

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