Poll: Americans think Palin should be a homemaker

Asked what the former governor should do next, a plurality says she should work at home

By Alex Koppelman
July 31, 2009 12:31AM (UTC)
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Breaking news: Most Americans would prefer that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's next job title is not "President of the United States."

OK, that's not exactly news. But a newly released Fox News poll does have one interesting result: When asked what they thought the best job for Palin was now that she's left office, a plurality of respondents said "homemaker."


The poll gave seven possible responses to the question -- "president of the United States," "vice-president of the United States," "television talk show host," "college professor," homemaker," "other" and "don't know." Overall, 32 percent chose homemaker; with 17 percent, talk show host was the second most popular result.

Democrats, especially, were likely to choose homemaker as Palin's ideal job -- 45 percent of self-identified Democrats gave that answer ,while 21 percent said talk show host. But independents, too, leaned heavily towards the idea of Palin working in the home; 34 percent said they thought homemaker was the best job for her, while "other" was the second most popular answer among independents, with 21 percent.

And then there's an interesting result from the polling of self-identified Republicans, too: 27 percent, a plurality, said they think she should be vice president. But then, for the second most popular result, there was homemaker again, with 18 percent. (Talk show host was third with 14 percent, followed by president and "other" in a tie at 12 percent.)


So a question for the readers: Is this just sexism in action? Or is it, essentially, people who dislike Palin and don't want her in elected office saying they'd prefer it if she'd just go home and get out of the spotlight? I'm personally torn, because I think it's a lot of the latter, but that the answer wouldn't have even been an option if the question was being asked about a man, and I doubt as many people would have chosen it if it were.

Alex Koppelman

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