Limbaugh promised to leave N.Y., but hasn't

The radio host said higher taxes would drive him and his alternate studio from the state

By Alex Koppelman
Published August 1, 2009 3:15AM (UTC)
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Back in early April, New Yorkers were happy. Rush Limbaugh had said he was fed up with the high state and city taxes he paid because his alternate studio is located in New York City. So, saying he'd been pushed over the edge by a new, temporary "millionaire's tax" imposed by the state, Limbaugh told his listeners he planned to sell his Manhattan condominium and find a new location for his secondary studio. Naturally, everyone from Jon Stewart to Gov. David Paterson rejoiced.

It's now the end of July, and Limbaugh has apparently done nothing to make good on his threat. According to Daily Finance's Jeff Bercovici, Limbaugh hasn't put his condo on the market. And, Bercovici reports, Limbaugh's producer doesn't know anything about arrangements to move their alternative studio. (If they were going to move it, now would be the time: Limbaugh typically uses it when there are hurricanes approaching his Florida home, and hurricane season will get into full swing soon.)

If Limbaugh has decided to bail on his threat, there'd be good reason. For all his anti-tax bluster, he'd probably lose money in the move. As I noted back when he made the promise, the "millionaire's tax" would only end up costing him about $60,000 per year out of a $38 million annual income -- that is, about .15 percent of what he makes every year. And the tax is only scheduled to last for three years.

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