Will Kate Gosselin EVER get a date?

Larry King seems awfully worried about the tabloid queen's romantic prospects

Published August 26, 2009 5:22PM (EDT)

Last night's "Larry King Live" could have been more aptly called, "Lonely, Loveless Kate Gosselin: Live!" That isn't because of how the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" star came off in the interview, but rather the show's framing of the tabloid queen. In fact, throughout the show, a branded icon popped up on-screen reading in all caps, "KATE ON HER OWN." Dun, dun, dun!

Larry made some feeble attempts at digging up dirt on the Gosselins' separation and got Kate to offer a strained defense of Jon's fathering abilities, which was overblown in this morning's sensationalistic headlines. But he was truly energized when things turned to her love life. "Would you date?" he asked. She answered in the negative. "You're very attractive ... young. Do you think you'll have a problem having eight kids ... to the prospective suitor?" In other words: What guy is going to date a woman with a kid -- let alone eight of them? At this point, a blindingly white grin spread across her face, revealing genuine amusement. She answered, "I'm not really worried about it" -- she's too busy being a mom. But he was still unconvinced: "Don't think about it?" Uh, no, she echoed. He soldiered on: "Don't you want companionship?" She's got eight kids and a production crew in her house; she could probably do with a little less companionship, frankly. Maybe he would be less concerned if she went on a European jaunt with a new lover, like the father of her kids did? Kate responded in a matter-of-fact tone: "I'm lonely, but I'm very busy. And, actually? I'm all right."

Say what you will about the Gosselins and their decision to raise their kids in the public eye, I tell you, Kate has never seemed more charming and likable than in the face of this pitying inquiry into her love life.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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