Selena Gomez: The new Miley Cyrus?

Now that "Hannah Montana" has gone bad, Disney needs a new good girl

Published August 29, 2009 9:01AM (EDT)

Looks like "Hannah Montana" has grown up too fast for Disney's taste. Just weeks after Miley Cyrus shimmied next to a pole atop an ice cream cart at the Teen Choice Awards and posed in sexy black leather on the cover of Elle, the Wall Street Journal is reporting on her wholesome replacement: Selena Gomez, star of "Wizards of Waverly Place." Disney is "in overdrive to develop a fresh-faced teenager star," the Journal reports, and the 17-year-old is the current best bet. Never mind that she's actually older than 16-year-old Cyrus, because, as the Journal explains, "her image seems younger." Disney executives are especially keen on Gomez's "wholesome good looks." In other words, she isn't dancing on stripper poles and hasn't had naughty photos leaked -- yet.

Disney is doing its best to create a Selena Gomez media blitz -- as evidenced by this post, it's succeeding thus far -- and it seems to be very intentionally marketing her as the anti-Miley. The Journal's Amy Chozick reports that Gomez's dressing room "looks like a marketer's vision of what a teen girl's room should look like, with a bright floral rug, a shag blanket thrown across a sofa and a few scattered bookshelves." The actress even tells her point-blank that she's "in no rush to be 25." Soon, she will have her very own movie and album, and 30 million packages of Sara Lee bread will be emblazoned with her face.

All I can say is: Watch out, Selena. Chances are you will be tarted up, bit by bit -- just like Miley, Britney, et al. -- until one day you too cross that fine line. What's on the other side of that line, you ask? You don't want to know.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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