Playboy model schools Hannity on sex ed

Next to the Fox News host, pop star Aubrey O'Day look like a font of wisdom

Published September 1, 2009 5:10PM (EDT)

Aubrey O’Day's attitude may have gotten her booted from P. Diddy’s girl group, Danity Kane, but it sure served her well on Sean Hannity's "Great American Panel" Monday night. It's unclear why, exactly, the Playboy cover model was deemed the appropriate talking head for a debate on the United Nations' recent recommendation for a global sex education plan -- especially when you consider that her opponents were seasoned political commentators, USA Today columnist Bob Beckel and Erick Erickson of Presumably, the thinking was either that a Playboy model like herself must be an expert on sex or that her airheaded comments would provide some levity.

The result, however, was that she made her interlocutors look like pre-pubescent boys -- particularly when conversation turned to the recommendation that 5-year-olds learn what masturbation is. Predictable outrage ensued, but "Aubrey-licious," as she calls herself, cut in with her signature sass: "You boys never wondered what you were doing and wished to be educated about it earlier than you were, are you going to sit up there and tell me that?" Later, she responded incredulously to one of her cohorts: "How is education robbing a child of his innocence?" Check her out.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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