Michael Steele wants to sell you a used car

Also, he'd like to scare you about healthcare reform

Published September 1, 2009 2:45PM (EDT)

The Republican National Committee is out with a new ad promoting its "Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights." The spot, which is slated to air on national cable and in Florida -- it's pitched at seniors, obviously -- features RNC Chairman Michael Steele, speaking directly to the camera in an attempt to make the ad warm, fuzzy and friendly, all while he works to scare the bejesus out of the elderly.

As I've written before, the premise of the RNC's "Bill of Rights" is based on myths -- the AARP, which supports reform, has even said that it would support the provisions in it, but that none of them are actually in the Democratic healthcare proposals. That hasn't stopped Steele and the RNC yet, though, and they repeat those same myths in this ad.

Plus, in a deft -- and even more dishonest -- twist, Steele ends his recitation of the items in his proposal by saying, "Oh, and President Obama? It's not too late to change your mind. Stand with us, and stand with senior citizens." The implication, of course, is that Obama actually opposes the ideas listed in the "Bill of Rights," like, "prohibit government from getting between seniors and their doctors" and "prohibit efforts to ration health care based on age."

By Alex Koppelman

Alex Koppelman is a staff writer for Salon.

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