Meghan McCain to Blago: "That's ballsy!"

The 24-year-old confronts the former Illinois governor on "The View"

Published September 9, 2009 9:10PM (EDT)

Meghan McCain said that interviewing former Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich during her cohosting stint on "The View" would be "like putting a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone on the Atkins diet" -- but when the two met face-to-face on Wednesday's show, she only took a few delicate nibbles.

As the impeached governor tried to explain how "unfair" it is to have "power forces that falsely accuse you of things and allege things that aren't true and have the resources that the government does," McCain stepped in with Valley girl moxie: "Like, do you think it's a government conspiracy?" His non-response: "Sensational allegations were made in a super sensational way." Then conversation turned to his choice to publish a tell-all book before going to trial: "All of this could be used as evidence -- this show, this book," McCain pointed out. "You definitely must feel like you didn't do anything wrong. I mean to write a book and whatever, that's how secure you are?" Ultimately, she concluded: "I just think it's ballsy. I mean, I gotta hand it to you," she said. "I mean, writing a book that literally prosecutors are going over with a fine-tooth comb."

I don't think that prosecutors will literally go over the book with a fine-tooth comb -- but, yes, it's quite ballsy. The same could be said for McCain, who has repeatedly thrust herself in the public eye, despite being called "plus-sized," a "moron," and (OK, I'm guilty, too) a Valley girl. She isn't the first person I'd like to see cross-examining disgraced politicians before a massive national audience, but more and more I'm finding myself admiring her fearlessness.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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