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A new place to go to talk about Aunt Flo

Published September 16, 2009 2:01PM (EDT)

Just received a press release about a new blog by -- who knew? -- the Society for Menstrual Research, a nonprofit, interdisciplinary research organization founded in 1979 whose membership includes researchers in the social and health sciences, humanities scholars, healthcare providers, policymakers, health activists, and students with interests in the role of the menstrual cycle in women's health and well-being, all of whom presumably get their periods at the same time. In any regard, it's clearly someone's creative time of the month, because here’s the release's genius headline: "If it bleeds, it leads."

The blog -- called re: Cycling -- is kind of a hoot. There is plenty to discuss (and not just about first-period stories, though that’s always a draw): a remedial menstruation lesson on Tyra; a supposedly girl-powerful HHS campaign that winds up being a whole lot of product placement; the gender switcheroo commercial “Zack at 16” (that blogger: not a fan); a new Jewish ritual (post-period) bath in rural Montana; a study suggesting (not so convincingly) that women at auctions bid higher than men when they have their periods; a discussion -- hey! inspired by Broadsheet! -- about why our culture is more squicked out by menstrual blood than by blood-and-gore blood; a shelving unit in the shape of a giant maxi pad. (No word on coordinating tampon lamps.)

In all seriousness, though I’m not a big period-power gal, I’m glad our little friends have a whole research society all their own -- and that we have a place where we can observe the spot they occupy at the intersection of physiology and pop culture. Enjoy it daily! Or, you know, monthly. 

By Lynn Harris

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