Congressional GOP polling badly, too

People aren't happy with the Democrats in Congress, but the Republicans aren't faring any better

By Alex Koppelman
October 8, 2009 8:45PM (UTC)
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As noted here on Wednesday, everyone hates Congress lately. Its approval rating overall dropped 10 points over the last month, to just 21 percent, according to Gallup. And Republicans have just about caught up to Democrats on the generic ballot.

That's bad news for the Democrats, there can be no doubt of that. But there might not be all that much good news for the GOP in there.


A new survey done by Quinnipiac shows congressional Republicans with only a 25 percent approval rating; that same 25 percent sees the Republican Party favorably, compared to 53 percent who don't. And respondents trusted President Obama over the GOP on healthcare, 47 percent to 31 percent -- only 29 percent think congressional Republicans are acting in good faith.

One other interesting result from the poll: A plurality of respondents, 47 percent, oppose Obama's healthcare reform plan, compared to 40 percent who support it. But 61 percent said they favor a public option.

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