Limbaugh: Obama Nobel more embarrassing than Olympics loss

And it's not just Limbaugh -- a lot of people on the right are hopping mad over the president's Peace Prize

By Alex Koppelman

Published October 9, 2009 9:10PM (EDT)

Rush Limbaugh was in rare form on Friday. With President Obama having won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, the radio talker had to be; his audience would expect no less -- plus, he knew he'd be playing to liberals and the media, who were just waiting to hear how far he'd go. He didn't disappoint.

"This fully exposes, folks, the illusion that is Obama,'' Limbaugh said. "This a greater embarrassment than losing the Olympics bid was.'' He wasn't done there, either.

"You are destroying your country as a superpower -- keep it up, bud," he said to Obama."These are the accomplishments they're looking for. He's basically emasculating this country and they love it ... It really is insidious. The intent of the committee is to neuter the United States of America. They've done it by rewarding a pacifist." At one point, Limbaugh even quipped, "I think Obama's the second Kenyan to win."

Limbaugh was hardly the only one of Obama's opponents to take this sort of stance. There were conservatives -- like John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty -- who congratulated the president, and even warned their ideological compatriots about their criticism of him. And there were plenty of people of all ideologies who questioned whether Obama really deserved the award. But on the right, the dominant reaction was harsher, more akin to Limbaugh's -- mocking and dismissive at best.

Below, a sampling of that reaction.

Glenn Beck: Of all things, the Nobel Peace Prize should be turned down by Barack Obama and given -- you ready for this, oh this one’s going to make headlines -- should be give to the Tea Party goers and the 9-12 Project … Because of the arrogance of the progressives that thought no one would stand in their way. That he would be able to accomplish everything. Two weeks into his presidency, they nominated him for it and said, “Oh this is going to be a slam dunk.” Because of the Tea Party goers and the 9-12 Project people that stood in his way and stopped him from accomplishing the things that he thought, “Please, I’m the Messiah, I’ll be able to accomplish that.”

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton: The Nobel committee is preaching at Americans, but they won’t be deceived. He should decline it and then ask to be considered again in three or four years when he has a record ...

I was nominated three years ago and I’m still waiting for the call. Today’s news is just another demonstration of how politicized the Nobel Peace Prize has become, from President Carter winning in 2002, to Al Gore in 2007, and President Obama in 2009.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.: This just reemphasizes how this president has moved the United States from a foreign policy of strong national defense to one based on multinational cooperation. That is the kind of change that the Nobel committee believes in.

The National Review's Andy McCarthy: The transnational progressives who pass out these accolades believe America is the problem in the world, the main threat to peace, the impediment to "progress," etc. The award is a symbolic statement of opposition to American exceptionalism ... That is why Obama could win it based on only 10 days in office -- merely by capturing the White House and the levers of power, he stands to do more for the left's "knock America off its pedestal" program than any figure in history ...

The NFL renamed its Super Bowl trophy after its most fitting recipient -- it's now called the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I'd like to see the Nobel Foundation follow suit. If today's headlines said, "Barack Obama Wins Yasser Arafat Prize," that would be perfect.

RedState's Erick Erickson: I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news. There is no way Barack Obama earned it in the nominations period.

Pajamas Media's Ron Radosh: I do have this thought about which speechwriter he will use to pen his acceptance speech.

I suggest that he will have to turn to none other than Bill Ayers, and arrange a secret way to ferret the drafts back and forth. Then, he will offer that Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, accompany him and Michelle to the ceremony.

Power Line's Paul Mirengoff: Some might argue that the prestige that comes with this award will help Obama in his dealings with the rest of the world. I doubt it. First, these days the Nobel Peace Prize impresses those in the know to about the same degree as a positive column by Tom Friedman. Second, I suspect that some key leaders will be envious and perhaps less well-disposed to Obama as a result of his being awarded for who he is. I would have loved to witness Sarkozy's private reaction ...

I think this award will seal Obama's image as vastly overrated and perhaps as president of the foreigners ... In fact, this may well become the prevailing narrative for Obama at least until the economy improves quite substantially.

Obama seems sufficiently egomaniacal to welcome this award. But I wonder whether the shrewdest of his advisors welcome it.

And, just for fun, Birther leader Orly Taitz, who's protesting Obama's being awarded the "Noble Piece Prize": No Noble prize, no feather in the hat, will sanitize the fact that this man is a fraud and is a danger to National Security. No prize will exonerate him. He defrauded the whole nation, all 305 million of us and needs to be removed from the White House immediately, and needs to be criminally prosecuted immediately. I hope each and every citizen writes an open letter to Noble Prize committee, cc White House, Department of Justice, FBI, congress and state Houses of representatives and state senates, letting all of them know, that this Noble Prize is an embarrassment to this country, it needs to be withdrawn or at the very least actual awarding of the prize needs to be postponed until legal actions on Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency are heard on the merits. The whole country and now the whole World are entitled to see the evidence, showing him being illegitimate, showing all of the evidence of massive fraud and treason.

Keep in mind that the prizes are political. There is a lot of pressure from different political bodies. Obama, just as Gore before him, is a stooge of the New World Order Crowd, of the Carbon Exchange, Cap and Trade Ponzi Scheme crowd, and a protege of Saudi Arabia. These people have bet billions of dollars and don’t want to let go of their puppet without a fight. They are trying to pull any string they possibly can to legitimate this fraud. An award is just one of those strings. Jimmy Carter got a Noble Peace Prize and he is known as a Saudi Money stooge who shamelessly appeared on TV, showed zero integrity and claimed that all criticism of Obama is racially motivated. After hearing this idiocy, do you still believe in High IQ and moral integrity of people getting Noble Piece Prize?

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