Meet Judy, the talking embryo

The antiabortion group Choice Kills introduces a new spokesperson -- or should I say "spokesfetus"?

Published October 17, 2009 7:30AM (EDT)

From her voice, you would think she was a toddler, but she is much, much younger. "Hi, I'm Judy," she squeaks in the video you'll find below. "All I want is to get out of here alive." You see, Judy is an embryo -- a virtual talking embryo with her very own YouTube channel. "One out of four of us don't make it," she explains from inside her mother's womb. Then, out of nowhere, what looks to be a machete is wielded before her, which causes Judy to yell: "Oh no! What's that? Please help me!" (And please help the woman who has an abortion performed with a machete.)

The video spot (which we found via Right Wing Watch) is the brainembryo of the antiabortion group Choice Kills, which is targeting the adorable little peanut toward young women who might consider terminating a pregnancy. Judy is the spokesfetus of the campaign, but the accompanying Web site also gives voice to young women -- who might also not actually exist. At the top of the site, photos of three young ladies are placed next to quotes about abortion: "Choice made it too easy [for my friend] to kill her baby," "You thought choice was fair but discovered that the choice is just to kill a baby," and "[Choice] is just an excuse to kill a baby." Below, small print reads: "*Typical comments from typical young women but not necessarily these models."

Below you will find "typical comments" from "typical" embryos, as creatively imagined by the folks at Choice Kills.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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