The new Nook E-book reader. Say it loud, say it proud

Barnes & Noble introduces its Kindle killer... Please don't snicker

By Andrew Leonard
October 21, 2009 2:11AM (UTC)
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Prodded by a Wall Street Journal scoop, on Tuesday Barnes & Noble unveiled what they're pitching as The World's Most Advanced E-Book Reader, a slick, slim device dubbed the "Nook."

Time will tell whether the new device will be a Kindle-killer, but for now the Twitter hordes are having a field day, and for good reason. As John Murrell noted at Good Morning Silicon Valley, "Just Don't Say Nook E-Book Too Fast." Aren't there exorbitantly costly branding consultants whose sole job is to shoot down names that are sure to inspire widespread hilarity and ridicule?


Or maybe I'm just a juvenile twit. But it seems to me the possibilities are endless:

You're on the subway. An attractive fellow commuter leans over and asks huskily:

"What's that amazingly cool electronic device you're reading?"

You respond: "Oh this? It's my nookie book reader. Isn't it great?"


Frowns ensue.

Andrew Leonard

Andrew Leonard is a staff writer at Salon. On Twitter, @koxinga21.

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