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After weeks of testing, we're ready to show the world the new Salon

By Richard Gingras

Published October 21, 2009 7:22PM (EDT)

After several weeks of beta testing -- pulling people into the beta site through various means -- we're ready to show the world the new Salon. We've made countless changes and improvements to the site, and the feedback has been uncommonly (though of course not entirely) positive, but we still have a lot of work to do. There's an old saying that a good home is never done, and we feel the same way about a good Web site. But at this point, we're ready to open it up to the broader audience of our readers.

We'll be gradually moving all of you into the new site over the coming days. So if you're still seeing the present Salon, you'll soon begin seeing the new one instead. Or, if you want to see it now, click here. We hope you'll love it, but as previously noted, we want to hear your feedback whatever it may be. Thanks again to everyone who's taken time to offer feedback so far, and thanks for reading Salon.

Richard Gingras

Richard Gingras is the CEO of Salon Media Group.

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