Yacouba Sawadogo comes to America

The Burkino Faso farmer famous for fighting back the Sahel desert preaches a different kind of green revolution

By Andrew Leonard

Published October 27, 2009 12:30AM (EDT)

Here is some news I find cheering. Yacouba Sawadogo, the Burkino Faso farmer I wrote about three years ago and whose amazing efforts at reclaiming the desert were featured in a wonderful National Geographic story by Charles Mann last year, is in Washington, D.C. this week, talking about The Other Green Revolution at events sponsored by OxFam and the International Food Policy Research Institute.

If any HTWW readers are in Washington (and I know for sure that some of you live there), you should check out one of these events and report back to me. I have to be honest -- when I first wrote about Sawadogo, the very idea of a farmer in Burkina Faso seemed about as distant from my life as one could get. Yet today, if you Google his name, the first result returned is one of my blog posts about him, and now that he's physically in the United States, he feels much, much closer.

Andrew Leonard

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