House Dems to unveil their healthcare bill Thursday

The legislation will reportedly not include the most "robust" form of the public option

By Alex Koppelman
October 29, 2009 1:10AM (UTC)
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the outlines of his version of a healthcare reform bill earlier this week. Now, it's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's turn.

Pelosi and other top House Democrats will be unveiling their proposal at an event on Thursday morning, NBC's First Read blog reports.


The bill will include a public option, though not the one House progressives had been hoping for, the most "robust" version. Pelosi and her liberal allies simply lacked the votes to pass that plan, which would have set the rate at which healthcare professionals were paid for their work at the same rate paid by Medicare, plus an additional five percent. Instead, bowing to moderates from rural areas who were concerned about the effect on doctors in their districts -- and, consequently, about the quality of care -- under the legislation Pelosi's announcing, the rate would be negotiated on a regional basis.

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