Boo! I'm a big, scary feminist

Sexy costumes dominate Halloween, but nothing's stopping you from going as Roe v. Wade or abstinence-only ed

By Tracy Clark-Flory

Published October 28, 2009 11:01PM (EDT)

Tired yet of rolling your eyes at the preponderance of trashy Halloween costumes on offer for girls and women (not to mention females of other species)? Maybe you're interested in donning a get-up that screams something, anything other than "BOOBS," or perhaps you want to make an overt feminist statement to counteract the rise of Slut-o-ween. Well, Planned Parenthood of New York City has just the thing for you: Pro-choice Halloween costumes.

The folks behind the organization's blog, NYC Unrated & Unfiltered, asked a couple writers for suggestions -- including us Broadsheeters, who were too swamped to respond in time -- and the result is pretty fantastic (although most costumes fall under the more general category of reproductive rights). Megan Carpentier, an editor at Air America Media, suggests: "Dress normally. Since STDs often can’t be distinguished with the naked eye, it'll be up to you to tell people what you are." The ladies at Double X creatively submit that you "draw a calendar on your shirt and carry a bongo drum: You’re the Rhythm Method!" And comic Katie Halper envisions my two personal faves: "Wear galoshes and carry an oar: You’re Roe v Wade" and "Walk around with a bunch of babies: You’re 'abstinence only' sex education."

If none of these suggestions do it for you, Feministing has some "non-racist, non-sexist" costume ideas: Why not dress up as "Judy the Talking Embryo," "The Ghost of Health Care Bills Past" or "A Photoshop Disaster"? The possibilities are endless, really, so long as you're willing to throw an ensemble together yourself instead of buying some cheap polyester crap at the local Halloween superstore. How about a basketball-toting Kathleen Sebelius ready to play ball with the president, a controversial feminist bride (might as well stay home, though, because everyone will find something wrong with your costume) or your favorite John Hughes heroine. For those who insist on a sexy twist: How about Marge Simpson in her latest role as Playboy bunny? If it's scares that you're after, though, you might want to play it simple and straightforward: After all, there's nothing scarier than a feminist.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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