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Published November 1, 2009 5:02PM (EST)

Hi, everyone. I want to introduce myself and also give you the latest update on the redesign.

My name is Karen Templer, and two or three of you may remember me as a Salon art director and later Table Talk manager from back in the late '90s. I rejoined the Salon staff about two months ago as product manager, and I'm one of the people you'll be hearing from here in Inside Salon -- along with CEO Richard Gingras who's been posting here so far, Joan Walsh, Kerry Lauerman, and any number of our other colleagues, depending on the subject at hand. So with that --

To those of you just seeing the redesigned Salon for the first time, welcome. To the rest of you, you may have noticed the link to go back to the old Salon is gone. We are now in the process of moving all traffic into the new site.

As Richard noted previously, redesigns are inherently disorienting. There are also typically some kinks to work out (and we appreciate every bug report). On top of which, we've still got work to do. In addition to finishing up the transition on Letters and search, and finessing the presentation of the front page and the Comics, we're continuing to fine-tune details site-wide -- based in large part on your feedback. So we'll leave the "beta" label up there in the header until we've got everything running as smoothly as possible. At that point, we'll also remove the feedback link from the header. But we'll be putting more time and energy into this new blog, Inside Salon, as we settle into the new site, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments on an ongoing basis.

We have lots of new stuff to announce in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space!

By Karen Templer

Karen Templer is the director of product development and design at Salon. Follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/karentempler.

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