Happy anniversary, Mr. President...

It's been one year since President Obama was elected, but he's not getting much to celebrate

Published November 4, 2009 3:35PM (EST)

Hard to believe, maybe, but it's true: One year today, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. Time sure does fly when you're having fun, huh?

Unfortunately for the president, it doesn't seem like he's getting many anniversary presents today, or that the day will include a whole lot of celebration. Right or wrong -- mostly wrong -- pundits are already lining up to proclaim their opinion that last night's election results mean trouble for him, for his Democratic allies in Congress and for his agenda. And lost in the excitement of Election Day was one particular bit of bad news: Though the House is getting ready to vote on its version of a healthcare reform bill, it seems like progress in the Senate may have stalled, and that the process may not be complete until next year.

By Alex Koppelman

Alex Koppelman is a staff writer for Salon.

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