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Published November 11, 2009 10:12PM (EST)

San Francisco, CA–November 12, 2009 –, the long-trusted news and culture site known for its quality journalism and cultural analysis, today announced that it has launched a significant redesign of the site. All readers now have access to a host of new features that give the site a fresh look and feel, as well as features to help them navigate the increasingly cluttered world of news and information.

“Salon has always had a reputation for its cutting edge content,” said Richard Gingras, Salon CEO. “Along with the new design we will be growing our coverage to reflect our readers’ interests, adding features to enhance their experience and adding more social tools to engage readers, giving them more opportunities to share Salon’s content as well as allowing them to create new content as well.”

Visitors to will find several new ways to:

Go in depth on topics: Many Salon stories are about issues and topics of ongoing interest. Salon will now surface all of its coverage on a given topic on one page, simplifying the reader's ability to get easy access to a full array of informative and insightful content. Managed by Salon’s editors, these Ongoing Story “micro-sites” will provide a valuable compendium of Salon coverage, reader participation, posts from the Open Salon blogging community and articles and video from important sources around the Web.

Hear from new voices: Salon’s blogging platform, Open Salon, already provides 35,000 bloggers with a vibrant community where they can post articles and communicate on a variety of topics. Through the new Salon, articles from the many excellent and authoritative writers on Open Salon will be presented along with Salon’s coverage. Salon readers will now be able to easily access excellent content that might have gone undiscovered, and Open Salon bloggers will be able to reach a larger audience.

Pursue your passions: Salon is expanding its content to include lifestyle topics that are part of our readers’ daily lives. Salon will be adding new sections over the coming months, starting with a new Food section that will be launching in time for Thanksgiving, with a buffet of articles that will educate, entertain and delight readers. Anchored by former Gourmet writer Francis Lam, the Food section will offer innovative recipes, profiles, sharp analysis of emerging food stories and a unique, weekly reader cooking challenge. Salon will also be launching enhanced versions of its Books and Film sections and many new sections during 2010.

Buy cool stuff: Salon is launching its own ecommerce store – with a twist. Like Salon articles, products selected for the store will be consistent with Salon’s values and hand-selected by “curators” looking to pique the tastes and interests of Salon readers. The curators of the Salon Store will offer friendly, entertaining and educational commentary on products from a broad range of craftsman, artisans and merchants.

Founded in 1995, has a reputation for delivering high quality journalism, covering a range of news, political and cultural topics. Its stable of talent includes accomplished journalists, authors such as Joan Walsh, Glenn Greenwald, Camille Paglia and Cary Tennis, cartoonists including Tom Tomorrow, plus an evolving group of emerging, edgy voices who are regular contributors to the site. Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh is a frequent guest on political television shows, including MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Ed Show, the Rachel Maddow Show and Morning Joe, as well as CNN's Reliable Sources.

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