Kid rock: meet an 8-year-old bouldering champ

Sponsored athlete Ashima Shiraishi's been training for almost half her life -- i.e., since she was five

Published November 17, 2009 2:18PM (EST)

Quote of the Day: "When I started, I just had sneakers, but now I'm sponsored by Evolv, so they gave me my favorite shoes, which are called Optimus Prime, who is the best and nicest Transformer." -- 8-year-old rock climber Ashima Shiraishi.

Last summer, Shiraishi entered the open women's division of a bouldering competition at the Manhattan Plaza Health Club -- and took first place. As she told New York Magazine, she's been climbing for three years ("for me, it is kind of a long time"), practices every day, and will be competing this Friday in the American Bouldering Series Local Competition in New Jersey. Good luck, Ashima! We hope you and your Optimus Primes kick some serious butt.


By Kate Harding

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