CNBC not interested in Dobbs

The network announces that it won't be employing the former CNN anchor

By Alex Koppelman
December 2, 2009 8:50PM (UTC)
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CNBC isn't denying that it's talked with former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs recently. But it's pretty clear those talks aren't going anywhere.

After the New York Times reported on the meetings, a CNBC spokesman told the Times' Brian Stelter, "We are not in talks or negotiating with Lou Dobbs. He is not going to work for CNBC."


Granted, that could mean Dobbs was the one who rejected CNBC, and not the other way around. As Stelter notes, though, Dobbs is "said to be keen on having a new television platform," and there doesn't seem to be a bidding war for his services.

Of course, there's always the White House.

Update: Dobbs has denied he talked with anyone from CNBC.

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