Sexist female pigs

A comedy sketch shows a world where women objectify men

Published December 9, 2009 6:01PM (EST)

Here at Broadsheet, we love us some earnest, academic talk about the sexual differences between men and women -- but this will not be one of those discussions. Sometimes, a girl needs a break from all the stuffy talk of nature versus nurture, and the satiric sketch "Are Women As Horny As Men?" (via Gizmodo) does just the trick. The skit opens with a man and a woman sitting at a bar debating that very question. Naturally, she argues that women are equal horndogs -- and he thinks she's insane. Then commences a dream sequence in which the world is turned upsidedown and men are sexually objectified by women. Without giving too much away, I can tantalize you with the fact that there is some beer gut on stripper pole action. As you might have gathered, it is extremely NSFW (or the faint of heart).

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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