Goldman Sachs redefines "fat cat"

Lloyd Blankfein can afford to wait for his bonus. His net worth in company stock is a cool $275 million, today

By Andrew Leonard
December 16, 2009 4:51AM (UTC)
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At The Big Picture, Tim Iacano provides an eye-popping chart detailing the stock holdings of Goldman Sach's top executives. The important thing to note is that the numbers reflect what the executives already own right now irrespective of whether they get their 2009 bonuses paid in cash this year, or doled out to them as "restricted" stock that they won't be able to sell for as long as five years.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of the Board, owns 1,685,932 shares of Goldman, worth $274,393,733.


Gregory Palm, Executive VP, owns 939,742 shares, worth $152,943,011.

John Weinberg, Vice Chairman, owns 910,324 shares, worth $148,155,231.

David Viniar, Chief Financial Officers, owns 794,902, worth $129,370,301.

J. Michael Evans, Vice Chairman, owns 644,953, worth $104,966,101.


And so on.

Now we know why Blankfein was so miffed at Obama's "fat cats" comment that he couldn't manage to physically attend the Monday morning pow-wow in Washington. He's not a fat cat. He's a Godzilla-sized Sabertooth Tiger Monster. Get it straight, Mr. President.

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