Some holiday improvements from Salon

A better comics format, new and/or expanded Food, Film and Books sections -- and a Joe Conason blog

Published December 24, 2009 6:25PM (EST)

Heading into the holidays I wanted to note a few site improvements we've quietly rolled out in the last month.

First of all, we fixed our problems with Comics, and now you can find them, full-sized, where you always did -- in a tab on our top navigation bar, and in the mix of content we bring you every day. Our apologies for glitches in the rollout, and our thanks for your patience while we fixed them.

But there's more to celebrate. Francis Lam did a great job introducing Salon's new Food section to our readers just before Thanksgiving. The site gets livelier every day, thanks to his smart, funny and participatory approach to food coverage (take the Kitchen Challenge and you might find own culinary talents featured on Salon).

Meanwhile, we've beefed up our culture sections, with a new Books and Movies sections, both of which have rolled out end-of-year and end-of-decade lists that have kept me visiting Amazon and updating my Netflix queue with great new works to read and see. Laura Miller continues to be our Books section anchor, and has unveiled a weekly What to Read column we think you'll learn to rely on as much as we do. And through the hard work of Andrew O'Hehir, we've launched Film Salon, which we think will feature the smartest ideas and analysis of the movies anywhere. We've already had a dazzling number of contributors -- Nicole Holofcener, R.J. Cutler, Mary Harron, Molly Haskell, Joe Swanberg, among them -- and hope you're checking it out.

I'm also excited to announce that starting in early January, Salon's talented Joe Conason will start a daily blog. Salon loyalists will remember the great Joe Conason's Journal, a daily blog Joe ran back before the blogging revolution. Finally, you'll get your Daily Joe again on Salon.

Happy holidays. Let us know what you'd most like to see on Salon in the new year.

By Joan Walsh

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