Obama vacation interrupted by injury to friend's son

The president left the golf course suddenly due to the incident, and an ambulance is reportedly on the scene

By Alex Koppelman
December 29, 2009 3:13AM (UTC)
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Details are sketchy, but something has apparently happened to interrupt President Obama's vacation in Hawaii. According to the latest pool report, the president left the golf course "sudden[ly]." The same report says the reason for Obama's departure "is not a matter of national security or because of the president's safety. It is a personal matter."

There is reportedly an ambulance near the Obamas' vacation home, and the president returned there in a "very high-speed and dramatic motorcade," the pool report says.


Update: CNN's reporting that a friend of the Obama family sustained a minor injury.

Update 2: The New York Times' Peter Baker reports that the son of a friend of Obama's, Eric Whitaker, was hurt and needed stitches. "A White House official said the president and his family were fine and not involved," Baker writes.

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