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The world's "first" X-rated fembot literally has no moves

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Published January 11, 2010 7:38PM (EST)

Meet Roxxxy, the "world's first sex robot." She has folks buzzing with excitement after her debut at this weekend's Adult Entertainment Expo (never mind that she isn't actually the first of her kind). Given the hype, and the use of the term "robot," you might be envisioning something along the lines of a Real Doll that can actually perform sexy moves -- or at the very least do "The Robot." In reality, she's more like an X-rated version of Talking Elmo. She can't walk or move her arms, but when you touch Roxxxy she will purr things like, " Where you gonna put that?" As creator Douglas Hines demonstrated at the event (video below), clumsily groping at her vagina will elicit a moan; meanwhile, she remains paralyzed in her pre-programed ecstasy.

Should you tire of Roxxxy's come-ons, you can always hook her up to your laptop and turn her into a different robot-lover. She comes complete with five different personalities: Wild Wendy ("outgoing and adventurous"), Frigid Farrah ("reserved and shy"), Mature Martha ("very experienced"), S&M Susan ("ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies") and Young ("barely 18" and "waiting for you to teach her"). The personality you pick will alter her response to the aforementioned touching and groping. However, Roxxxy's true raison d'être, says Hines, is providing companionship post-coitus. (Note to potential buyers: All the wiring around her mouth that makes conversation possible also makes her look a bit like Kanye West post-jaw surgery. I'm just saying.) The cost for one of these customizable sexbots runs anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000.

If, inexplicably, there are any straight ladies out there feeling jealous that men can own their very own fantasy fembot, take heart: Plans are currently in the work for Rocky, a literal sex machine.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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