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By Thomas Rogers
Published January 15, 2010 9:45PM (EST)
  • In the off chance that you feel like your significant other, parent, or subconscious isn’t scolding you enough for your eating habits, we’ve got good news for you: Now your plate can get in on the action too. British researchers have created a "scolding plate," that measures the weight on your plate, and tells you whether you’re eating too fast (a habit that can lead to overeating). The device was first developed to help sufferers of eating disorders. Check out the creepy demonstration video ( and note the narrator’s delightful pronunciation of the word "Mandometer")

  • Del Taco, the California-based Mexican-food chain, premiered the first episode of its new web series, The Del Taco Super Special Show, this week. I’m not entirely sure why somebody decided that a taco chain needed a web series, but here it is, and it’s … awkward. The makers clearly decided that young people like “edgy non-sequiturs” and just cobbled a bunch of them together in a desperate attempt to make a viral hit.

  • By far the most fun part of the show is the (brief) footage of the exploding taco -- a genre which is 1. awesome 2. surprisingly popular on YouTube. Just check out this hypnotic exploding lemon.


  • When she’s not busy being hit in the head with hams, TV chef Paula Deen is at work in the kitchen, often making foods that could give a marathon runner a heart attack. The folks at Food Network Humor put together a roundup of Paula’s most artery-clogging dishes, including this video of her deep-fried bacon-wrapped macaroni and cheese. Just watching makes me want to get a stent.


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