Where's Camille?

Our illustrious columnist explains her absence -- and her future plans

By Salon Staff
Published January 20, 2010 4:21PM (EST)

Greetings, Salon readers!

Many thanks for your kind queries about my missing column. I am very grateful for your interest and support.

I have gone on hiatus from Salon to focus on my current project for Pantheon Books — a study of the visual arts intended as a companion book to "Break, Blow, Burn" (which was on poetry).

I took a similar hiatus to complete "Break, Blow, Burn." Even a monthly column is very costly in time and energy (at least at the epic Cecil B. DeMille level that I aim for). Please be aware that, unlike most columnists in the United States, I have a day job — as a full-time college teacher.

Naturally, I am bursting with opinions about the new year’s political firestorms and natural cataclysms, but that will have to wait. I will return to Salon this fall, after my book has gone into production.

Best wishes,

Camille Paglia


Salon Staff

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