Tall Paul Volcker's happy day

The former Fed chair was all smiles at the White House Thursday morning. Summers, a little less so

By Andrew Leonard
Published January 21, 2010 7:29PM (EST)

Felix Salmon passes on a couple of amusing links riffing off of Obama's new banking proposals.

A tweet from the Epicurean Dealmaker:

"Wall Streeters must feel like the Sky People in Avatar: They just got their asses kicked by a 10-foot-tall throwback to an earlier time."

(Paul "Tall Paul" Volcker) really only stands six feet seven inches. But he projects taller.)

Meanwhile BusinessInsider also jumps on the Volcker bandwagon, comparing snapshots of Volcker -- gleeful -- and Larry Summers -- glum -- to make a point on shifting influence over White House economic policy. However, the compare-and-contrast approach would be more compelling if Larry Summers ever looked anything but miserable.

Andrew Leonard

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