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Pelosi: "We don't quit"

House Speaker sends out a fundraising message about "the motto of Democrats"

Alex Koppelman
January 28, 2010 9:54PM (UTC)

There's a theme emerging in Democrats' attempts to raise money in the wake of the State of the Union, a quote from President Obama: "We don't quit."

All the big names, including Obama himself, have used that line in fundraising e-mails that have gone out in their names since the speech. The latest to do so is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an e-mail that went out to supporters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


Pelosi's message -- all emphases in the original:

Friend --

"We don't quit. I don't quit."

Those were the words of President Obama last night.

They are also the motto of Democrats -- we don't quit.

Let's send the strongest possible message to President Obama that Democrats across America aren't quitting. We stand united. January 31st marks the first FEC deadline for Democrats since the State of the Union and the Massachusetts special election. Republicans, the media and the pundits will try to use our fundraising totals as a measure of the Republicans' momentum. We must have a strong showing.

Please help us beat our goal of $100,000 by midnight tonight -- my fellow Democrats in Congress have agreed to give $2 for every $1 you contribute.

Thank you for standing with us and for never giving up.

Onward to victory.

This certainly seems like an effective way to get some money out of the base. But it'll be interesting to see how it goes over now; with so many Democrats disappointed about the lack of progress on big issues like healthcare reform, the risk is they don't believe "We don't quit" is really the motto of their party's members of Congress.

Alex Koppelman

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