"Boobs out ya blouse"

Wanda Sykes remixes "Pants on the Ground" for the ladies

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Published January 28, 2010 1:01PM (EST)

Here at Broadsheet, we're all about gender equality. That is why we're pleased to present a remix of "American Idol" hopeful Larry Platt's now infamous "Pants On The Ground" starring comedian Wanda Sykes. Not only is this rendition performed by a lady, but it's also about lady parts. It starts off a little something like this: "Boobs out ya blouse, boobs out ya blouse, walking out the house with your boobs out ya blouse." Another gem: "Stuff 'em in your bra, get 'em out my face." You will have to see the rest -- including some artful dance moves -- for yourself in the video below.

I know, plenty of people have already executed entertaining covers of the song and, sure, the ditty is already on its fifteenth minute of fame, but you just try to keep this jiggle -- er, jingle -- out of your head. (Disclaimer: We do not care whether you walk out the house with your boobs out your blouse.)

Tracy Clark-Flory

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