Jamie Oliver cries, Japanese game show weirdness, and more

This week's must-see food videos

By Thomas Rogers
Published January 29, 2010 6:01PM (EST)
  • The trailer for Jamie Oliver's new ABC show hit the Web this week. "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" takes the British chef to Huntington, W.V., the unhealthiest city in America, where he tries to (in some unclear manner) get people to eat better food. Clearly, things get emotional, as evidenced by all of the crying jags.

  • This Japanese game show pits two delivery people against each other to see who can deliver their item (in this case, Domino's pizza) the fastest. I must say, the execution wasn't exactly what I was expecting (I was thinking less preparation, a little more scooter-racing) but there's still something delightful about the relentless weirdness of watching two people stressing out about making fast food -- and the fact that the audience "oohs" at the sight of melting cheese (via Eater).

  • Speaking of delivery, Human Giant's Paul Scheer stars in this Funny or Die takeoff on everybody's favorite mediocre People's Choice Award-shilling frozen pizza: DiGiorno's. Sadly, the idea of somebody launching a DiGiorno's delivery service probably isn't far-fetched in the least.

  • Maynard James Keenan is best known as the frontman of the emo-rock-goth band Tool (which is itself known for its creepy, dark music videos and songs called "Stinkfist"). Apparently he's now living in Arizona, where he's un-gothly become a winemaker, and a new film, "Blood Into Wine," chronicles his attempt to gain credibility and overcome the stigma faced by Arizona-grown wines. Check out the trailer below.


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