What to Watch: "La La Land"

Monday night's episode of Marc Wootton's hilarious Showtime comedy will make you laugh until you hate yourself

Published February 1, 2010 2:30PM (EST)

If you've ever had an urge to push your rock-climbing buddy off the nearest cliff, then this very special murder-themed episode of Showtime's "La La Land" (11 p.m. Mondays) is just for you. Previewed in exquisite detail here, the second episode of Marc Wootton's stunning "Borat"-like comedy show is so deliciously evil that you simply cannot miss it, from the moment when an unwitting producer gives aspiring filmmaker Brendan Allen's plan to catch "blood splattering on the lens" a thumbs up to the deeply uncomfortable denouement, in which local park rangers arrive at the scene.

For a taste of the madness, here's a snippet of Allen from last week's episode:

By Heather Havrilesky

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