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We've got exciting new tools for finding and reading Salon content -- especially for the chronologically minded

Published February 11, 2010 6:12PM (EST)

Since the launch of our latest redesign, the most common complaint has been the lack of an easy way to specifically locate and read the most recent Salon content. As alluded to in previous Inside Salon posts, we've been working on two options for these readers:

1) All Salon. As the name suggests, All Salon presents all of our stories in chronological order, much like a blog. We're fortunate to have a lot of readers who simply want to read what we publish, and this makes it extremely easy to dive in. The page also includes lists of the latest wire stories (more on that below), the most popular Salon stories, and recent editor's picks from the Open Salon blogging community, making it a robust landing page. If you love All Salon, bookmark it -- and we'll also be placing a link in the site navigation ASAP.

2) Chronological list on the Salon home page. When we launch this, it will represent a significant revamping of the lower half of the home page. Similar to what you currently find on the individual section covers, this module will simply list the most recent Salon stories -- and you'll have the option to sort the list by date or by section, whichever you prefer. Each item in the list will also show associated topics and a comment count for that story, along with quick links for e-mailing or sharing the story on Twitter, Facebook, etc. We are aiming to roll this cover revision out within a week.

A few weeks ago we also launched a revised From the Wires section. It is now immensely easy to scan lists of headlines and quickly access individual stories. And you can sort the stories by category, such as Entertainment, Sports, International and so on. The beefed-up section is accompanied by a beefed-up From the Wires widget on the home page. That widget also appears on All Salon and in various other spots around the site. A direct link to From the Wires will be appearing in the site navigation very soon.

Many more features and enhancements are on the way. You may have noticed we have continued to revise how we present stories on the upper half of the home page, and we've gotten great feedback on the latest changes. The home page will continue to be a work in progress, based on new ideas and feedback, both internal and from you. Thanks again for keeping us on our toes.

By Richard Gingras

Richard Gingras is the CEO of Salon Media Group.

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