Biden vs. Cheney

Current, former VP clash on different Sunday morning shows over Obama policy

Published February 14, 2010 5:12PM (EST)

Vice President Joe Biden says the U.S. had made "significant progress" in addressing Iran's nuclear program.

But former Vice President Dick Cheney says he's not yet persuaded that the Obama administration will do what's necessary to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Biden says the U.S. has wide support to further U.N. penalties against Iran -- and he thinks China, too, will come on board. He also says Iran has made less progress on the nuclear front than claimed.

Cheney says it's good to keep a military option on the table to "give any kind of meaning at all to negotiations over sanctions."

The U.S. and others suspect Tehran is using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to build nuclear weapons. Tehran denies the charge, saying it has only has peaceful intentions.

Biden was on NBC's "Meet the Press," while Cheney appeared on ABC's "This Week."

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